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Love Small Town America and the KS Dept. of Commerce Have Partnered to Bring ROZ Communities Free Webpages

Love Small Town America and the KS Dept. of Commerce Have Teamed Up to

From now until July 15, ROZ Communities (towns or counties) can apply for a free webpage and Love Small Town America membership. You get a great, worry-free web presence, free advertising and promotion, a listing in our directory of towns and/or counties, and connections to a growing network of small towns. It's easy, it's free, it makes a difference. 

Download the ROZ application

What is the ROZ Webpage Scholarship?
A one-year scholarship (valued at $225+) that covers the cost of a community webpage and membership in the Love Small Town America network to provide accurate, interesting information about your community, share events, post jobs and real estate listings, connect local businesses with publicity and affordable webpages of their own, and get your community noticed!

What Does a Community Webpage Look Like?

Why does my town or county need to participate?
Your community needs a professional webpage to share what you have to offer with the world, communicate with residents, and promote local businesses and organizations. A webpage on LSTA is a powerful tool for economic and community development that can stand alone or supplement an existing community website. What's more, it reinforces the work you're doing to bring in residents and exciting opportunities as part of the Rural Opportunity Zone.

Why Love Small Town America?
We were chosen by the Kansas Department of Commerce because we create the best professional, comprehensive web destinations for small towns and because we are committed to growing a vibrant network where small towns and counties can collaborate. When you join LSTA you get a full-featured webpage and a bright spot on the map of small town America to direct potential residents, businesses and tourists straight to you.

What if my town or county already has a website?
You can reinforce your web presence with a spot on Talk to us about customizing your webpage for your needs. Free promotion, free job listings, social media advertising, and other services are included as part of the webpage scholarship. Don’t miss out on the chance to magnify your efforts to grow your community.

How do I apply?
Fill out a scholarship application and return it to Chris Harris at Email. Communities (counties or towns) participating in the ROZ program with a population of 5,000 or fewer can apply. 

Or: Contact Luke Mahin or 785-374-3067 for assistance filling out your application or to ask questions. 

Hurry! Availability is limited. Applications are due July 15!

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Love Small Town America and Kansas Department of Commerce Partner to Offer Free Web Pages to Kansas Rural Opportunity Zone Communitiesempty Kansas Department of Commerce

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