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Ness County, KS

Welcome to Ness County, Kansas.

A long time ago, people were friendlier, whether they knew you or not. The power of a promise, particularly when accompanied by a handshake, was sufficient to conduct business.

Today, in Ness County, Kansas, these values and ideas are not extinct, but are thriving. Here, in the heart of western Kansas, the pioneer sense of self-reliance flourishes with a sense of community ownership unheard of in modern society. Nestled barely an hour from four different major business hubs, Ness County has continued to thrive as it did when the first settlers halted their westward migration on the open prairies and rolling hills we now call home.

It is the perfect opportunity to get an idea what life in a small town can be like. Whether you come for a day or stay for the weekend, we guarantee that the taste of small town hospitality you get will make you want to keep coming back.

Towns in Ness County:
Ness City population (county seat): 1,407
Bazine population: 328
Brownell population: 29
Ransom population: 289
Utica population: 157

County Population: 3,005

Location: Ness County is located approximately 25 miles south of I-70. K-4, K-96 and US-283 are accessible within the county. Hays, Dodge City and Garden City are within 60-90 miles from Ness County.

Date founded: February 26, 1867