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Grainfield, KS

Imagine a place where the serenity of the Kansas Plains and the majestic charm of the community are the essence of rural life. People are proud of an honest day’s work, and a handshake and a friendly smile are what you’re greeted with downtown.

Grinnell, KS

Once a town settled by railroad workers, buffalo hunters, and Civil War Veterans, Grinnell, Kansas became and has remained a thriving rural community. It was named after the Union Veteran Captain Grinnell. 

Bird City, KS

The breathtaking countryside and plentiful grass were just a few reasons why people chose to homestead in Bird City, Kansas. Now what you’ll discover in Bird City is the Heart of the Heartland. 

Erie, KS

Nestled in the Neosho River Valley, surrounded by the beautiful Osage Cuesta Hills is Erie, Kansas. Erie’s sense of connection to the past is strong: the city was incorporated in 1869 and has been the county seat of Neosho County since 1872. 

Park, KS

First called Buffalo, then Buffalo Park, the town is now known simply as Park, Kansas. The legendary heritage of Park, the oldest town in Gove County, is still seen today in its townspeople and edifices. 

Baxter Springs, KS

Early visitors who journeyed to Baxter Springs in Southeast Kansas were enchanted by the beauty of the surroundings. Baxter Springs was once a rest stop for the Osage Indians who were traveling toward their summer hunting grounds.

Pomona, KS

It isn’t by coincidence that Pomona, Kansas is named after the Italian goddess of fruit. Founder J.H. Whetstone happened upon this treasure-trove in 1869.

Burden, KS

No one knew how big Robert F. Burden’s small discovery would become. His adventurous and enterprising spirit led him to Burden, where the fertile fields and neighboring natural spring water were ideal for raising livestock.

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