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Pomona, KS

It isn't by coincidence that Pomona, Kansas is named after the Italian goddess of fruit. Founder J.H. Whetstone happened upon this treasure-trove in 1869. Not only was Whetstone's interest in settling the area, he was even more interested in what the land had to offer. Whetstone created the Pomona Fruit Company and planted 400 acres of apple trees and over 30,000 fruit trees.The history of Pomona doesn't stop there. The historic house built in 1913 by the sons of John Palmer Usher, a member of President Lincoln's cabinet, is located on the Judd Ranch. The contrasting beauty of rolling prairie with low hills and bountiful streams draw people to this part of Kansas. Situated just 10 miles west of Ottawa and close to Lawrence and Kansas City, Pomona continues to blossom. Near the Marias des Cygnes wildlife area, Pomona has some of the most valued acreage in the state of Kansas. Families can enjoy the Pomona State Park's Kids Fishing Derby and its annual Easter Egg Hunt activities. The Kansas Outlaws Car and Bike Show brings car enthusiasts from all over the country to Pomona. The fruits of Whetstone's labors are still seen today in the friendly faces of residents, in the entrepreneurial spirit of local businesses, and in the commitment to life in rural Kansas. Plant your roots and prosper in Pomona, Kansas.

Train traffic south of town
Rails to the trails south of town
Weekly Mexican Train players at the Community Building
City Park

Incorporated: 1869

Population: 832

County: Franklin

Zip Code: 66076

Elevation: 961 ft

Average Temperature
Summer: 90°
Fall: 56°
Winter: 48°
Spring: 68°

Average Annual Rainfall: 39.34"

Days of Sunshine: A lot!

Location: On K-68 Hwy and Colorado Road. Ottawa is the closest city at 10 miles away.

  • Around 1865-1866 Judge John Palmer Usher, a member of President Lincoln's cabinet,
    settled in Lawrence & later bought land at Pomona. Usher made trips to Pomona on
    horseback to oversee his land.
  • Rev. L. Newcomb built the first house in 1868.
  • J.H. Whetstone founded Pomona in 1869.
  • First building - general store, drug store, & post office by Rev. L. Rickseeker in 1869.
    Rickseeker was the first postmaster.
  • Whetstone started Pomona Fruit Company in 1898 & was referred to as the Apple King of
    the county. He planted more than 30,000 fruit trees.
  • The first newspaper - Pomona Entreprise started on June 5, 1884.

Famous or Noteworthy People:
Frank Ames, State Senator