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Grinnell, KS

Once a town settled by railroad workers, buffalo hunters, and Civil War Veterans, Grinnell, Kansas became and has remained a thriving rural community. It was named after the Union Veteran Captain Grinnell. History depicts a heated dispute over which side of the railroad tracks the town should have been built on, and the South side eventually won. During the 1890s many settlers were forced to leave the area due to the drought, but because of the picturesque and appealing location, many returned to Grinnell when times were more prosperous. This prosperity continues to grow in Grinnell, Kansas with residential expansion and business progression. Many of the graduates that once graced the halls of Grinnell High School carry with them a long-lasting sense of pride and tradition. A golf course, a walking trail, and the yearly Grinnell After Harvest Festival are all modern attractions. Ever-changing seasons, plentiful harvests, beautiful sunsets, and hometown courtesies are what you can expect in Grinnell. With a colorful history and a vibrant future, Grinnell, Kansas, just north of I-70, should be your next destination!

Flags at Immaculate Conception Cemetery with Grinnell grain bins in background-by Ed Mense
Hunting season in Grinnell KS
#7 Green at Cow Paddy Golf Course-by Ed Mense
Grinnell City Park-by Ed Mense

Founded: 1880s

Population: 264

County: Gove

Zip Code: 67738

Elevation: 2,910 ft

Average Temperature
Summer: 75°
Fall: 52°
Winter: 30°
Spring: 52°

Average Annual Rainfall: 24"

Days of Sunshine: 237 days


  • 1 mile North of Interstate 70
  • Colby, KS: 35 miles West on I-70
  • Denver, CO: 276 miles West on I-70
  • Hays, KS: 75 miles East on I-70
  • Kansas City, KS: 337 miles East on I-70

Recycling Available:
Trailer across the street from fire station – 413 S. Adams

  • 2nd oldest town in Gove County, Kansas
  • One of the earliest thriving businesses was buying and shipping buffalo bones
  • First store owned and operated by John Corrette
  • Peak years for Grinnell were following World War I.
  • 1882 - First Catholic Church built north of the tracks
  • First newspaper started in 1886 – named “The People’s Press”
  • Christian Church built south of the tracks in 1900
  • Jacob Mather organized Methodist Church in early 1900’s
  • 1905 – new grade school was built
  • 1929 – high school building completed
  • 1968 – Grinnell High School and Grinnell Grade School unified with Angelus and Coin to become Unified School District 291.

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