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Hoxie, KS

"Good Crops and Great Families" is the heart of Hoxie, Kansas where the pioneer spirit that originated with the early settlers of Northwest Kansas is still prevalent. Hoxie is an agricultural community that values hard work and integrity. Residents gladly exchange the stress of a fast-paced society for a relaxing, friendly environment. This passionate community cherishes clean neighborhoods and safe schools. Longtime businesses and current entrepreneurs shape Hoxie's progressive business district. Family-center activities include the Sheridan County Fair, with its home-owned carnival, and the Community Benefit Walk. Hoxie's reputation for outstanding youth sports programs is known state-wide being named the 2013 3A State Wrestling team runner-up and winning back-to-back State Champion Girls Basketball titles. Hoxie's best commodities are the endearing community members who take pride in their "Good Crops and Great Families!"

Founded: 1886

Population: 1,244

County: Sheridan

Zip Code: 67740

Elevation: 2,700 ft

Average Temperature
Summer: 75.6°
Fall: 54.4°
Winter: 31.1°
Spring: 51.7°

Average Annual Rainfall: 20.94"

Location: 32 miles East of Colby at the intersection of Hwy 24 and Hwy 23

Longitude: -100.439952

Latitude: 39.354329

Recycling Available:
Sheridan County Recycling Center
840 4th Street, Hoxie

Hoxie was originally named Kenneth and was situated north of its current location.
Sheridan County and Hoxie were settled by a few hardy pioneer souls during the late
1800's along the north fork of the Solomon River. This pioneer spirit can still be seen in
Hoxie residents.

Town Slogan:
Good Crops, Great Families

Famous or Noteworthy People:
Tyler Nick Hague - Chosen for NASA Astronaut Program
Les Barnhart - Major League Baseball player
Dirk Johnson - NFL player
Brad Lambert - Head Coach, Charlotte 49ers
Urbane Pickering - Major League Baseball player
Gordon Sloan - Associate Justice of Oregon Supreme Court
Erastus J. Turner - U.S. Representative from Kansas

Sheridan State Fishing Lake

Cottonwood Ranch
14432 E US Hwy 24

Mickey Museum
1224 Oak Avenue