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Palco, KS

The simple joys of life are devoting time to family and friends, lending a helping hand to those in need, and being proud of your small town roots. Who wouldn't want to spend time with people who share these values? Palco, Kansas residents know just how important it is to invest in what matters most. Named in 1888 after two Union Pacific Railroad workers, Palmer and Cole, Palco began as an industrious drilling community. Now, this welcoming community lures both young and old alike who share the ideal of peaceful living. The Palco PRIDE organization sponsors various events in the community including an Easter Egg Hunt and Christmas festivities. A fabulous Youth Center furnishes local youth with numerous activities such as a theater for local movies, a fitness room, and a fully-equipped kitchen. The mantra "Home of the Roosters" gives new meaning to Friday night football. Tucked in a valley and surrounded by trees, the football field emanates with the pride of the locals. Palco crows about its one of a kind frisbee disc golf course, its clean community, its vital businesses, and its first-rate school. One of the best small towns to live in, Palco makes it easy to appreciate the simple joys of life. Narrow roads and awe inspiring beauty will lead you into Palco, Kansas. A small town experience like no other will bring you back.

Founded: September 26, 1888

Population: 277

County: Rooks

Zip Code: 67657

Elevation: 2,227 ft

Average Temperature
Summer: hot & humid
Fall: mild to cool
Winter: cold
Spring: mild

Average Annual Rainfall:

Days of Sunshine: Most

Location: Located 40 miles NW of Hays on Kansas Hwy 18.

Recycling Available:
408 Main Street


  • Founded in 1887 and originally named Cresson after Cresson, Pennsylvania.
  • Renamed Palco in 1888 after two Union Pacific Railroad workers named Palmer and Cole.
  • Thriving community during the oil boom of the 1940's and 1950's with businesses such as a railroad depot, a barber shop, a movie theater, and a dry goods store.
  • K-12 school built in 1929.

Town Slogan:
Home of the Roosters (school mascot)

Famous or Noteworthy People:
Travis Couture-Lovelady, State Representative

Omer Knoll, Artist-Sculptor