Shared Success Program

You chose to develop a web presence on Love Small Town America because we are professional, affordable, and the best choice to promote small towns on the web. We do this by growing a dynamic nationwide network that will fuel the growth and survival of participating towns. The more small towns, businesses, organizations, and school districts we bring into our network, the more we all will thrive.

We can grow the network better if we grow it together.

For every listing you sign-on to Love Small Town America, you will earn a 20% commission. With each business, organization, real-estate listing, or school district you bring to Love Small Town America, you earn cash. Even better, you develop your Love Small Town America website into the ultimate destination for everything about your community. Now that is worth sharing.

Shared Success. Growing together.

The Love Small Town America Network

Love Small Town America is the only website to offer a comprehensive listing of small towns and their assets. We’re more than a directory – we’re a network. And we know that the true power of Love Small Town America lies in the strength of our network and we are serious about growing that network. A thriving network brings you more: more opportunities, more promotion, and more people dedicated to making small town America thrive.

We can grow the network better if we grow it together.

We’re putting our money where our mouth is and offering you the chance to cash in with every new listing you sign-on to Love Small Town America.

Shared Success Program

How It Works:

We will give you the tools to recruit new sign-ons and grow your web presence; and then we’ll share a 20% commission with your group for all your hard work.

Who Is Eligible:

Every business, organization, real-estate listing, or school district you sign-on nets you a 20% commission off their first year’s membership on Love Small Town America.

The more sign-ons you bring into the fold, the bigger your commission.

Example: A monthly webpage package on LSTA would net you a commission of $65. If you recruited 30 sign-ons at this level, you would receive a commission of nearly $2,000 to use for a community project – or to fund your own web presence on LSTA.

Use your commission to fund community projects like business incubators, scholarships, business grants, park improvements, and other great activities. Then, share your progress on your webpage!

The more sign-ons you help bring online, the more you can earn – and the better your community webpage is.

You’ve already decided a web presence is important for your community. Now, work together to make that web presence a rich destination reflective of all the businesses, services, organizations, schools, and real estate listings your community has to offer.

The Rules

A sign-on qualifies once LSTA receives payment. Commissions will be tracked and disbursed in one lump sum to the community organization (economic development board, city council, chamber of commerce, foundation, etc.) that signed the community on to LSTA. The Shared Success Program is a limited time offer. Sign-ons are valid for 180 days following the presentation made to your community.

Get Started Today

The Shared Success program won’t be around forever, so contact us to schedule a meeting today.

We’ll provide you with a helpful sales guide, marketing materials, and the support you need to be successful.

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