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Quinter, KS : Community News

On October 8, the City of Quinter was notified that their application for Middle Income Housing had been approved in full.  The City of Quinter received the Maximum allowable fund distribution of $400,000 to be used to stimulate moderate income housing in Quinter by funding the infrastructure desperately needed on Hackberry Drive.

Wes Bainter is the project developer and EBH Engineering along with the City of Quinter Public Works Department will provide services for new street, curb, gutter and drainage.

This project, proposes to address the current lack of middle income housing by constructing 4 duplexes for a total of 8 housing as well as 8 independent living apartments.

The plans depict each duplex structure will be 5,850 S.F. (2,925 S.F. per unit).  Each unit will have four bedrooms; two upstairs and two downstairs.  The upstairs will also have a bathroom, kitchen, dining room, living room, utility room and closets.  The downstairs will have full, unfinished basements.  The structures will be metal-framed with steel roofing.  A single car garage measuring 12’-0” x 22’-5” is planned per unit with a concrete driveway.  Fencing will be constructed to separate both the driveways and yards between duplex structures.

The Independent living apartements called "The Quinter Estates"  will be 1,300 S.F., two bedrooms, two bathroom apartments and will include an attached garage.  The developer has purchased additional lots to build in the area should the need arise.

The grant funds will be used for the needed Infrastructure Improvements as follows:

This project will consist of constructing a 26 foot wide by 1800 foot long (~5 standard city blocks) street with curb and gutter.  This street will be constructed of 6” concrete.  Concrete is currently cheaper than asphalt.  The existing rock street will be utilized as a base course for the new street; however, due to the width of the existing street, additional base course must be added to accommodate the width of the street plus the curb and gutter. There are two drainage issues that will be worked on with this project.  The first is to maintain the storm water drainage that currently exists coming off of this site and the drainage that enters this site, but must be maintained through the site.  There is currently a ditch that enters the subdivision, runs along Hackberry Drive, and then utilizes a ditch along Lincoln Street, finally dumping out into the KDOT right of way ditch along K212. The second drainage issue will be to effectively and efficiently remove the additional storm water runoff that will be created due to the increased development within the subdivision.  The additional pavement, roofs, driveways and sidewalks will increase the intensity and decrease the runoff time for the newly developed areas.  The existing drainage ditch along Lincoln Street cannot handle this increase in loading.  Therefore, a secondary drainage system must be constructed and routed to the KDOT K212 ditch to accommodate this storm water drainage.

Fund distribution will be arranged immediately with work to commence late in October.

The Mayor and Quinter City Council wishes to thank those community members and businesses who wrote letters of support and contributed to this grant writing process in various ways.