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Grainfield, KS : Businesses : D&D Ranching Enterprises, Inc.

Feeding truckDelmar and Diana Kasier, owners and operators of D&D Ranching Enterprise, Inc., started their cattle feeding operation in 1965. It began as a 25 to 50 head capacity feed yard concentrating on healing sick calves and pre-conditioning 450 to 500 pound calves. The business developed into a 1500 head operation. Delmar got calves ready for owners and in 30 to 45 days the owners would take their livestock home. Now Delmar backgrounds around 900 calves for neighbors until the calves are ready for a commercial feedlot or pasture. Calf owners have the option of making their own rations and sorting their own calves. D&D Ranching is a family owned, small feed yard offering the latest in technology, individual pens and rations, and bunk feeding. D&D Ranching Enterprise, Inc. does the background work allowing owners to capitalize on the profits, so entrust D&D Ranching with your calves!

  • Backgrounding calves
  • Bunk feeding
  • Individual pens
  • Individual pen ration

2270 County Road 48, Grainfield, KS 67737
6 miles south of Grainfield off I-70 on HWY 23 and 1 mile east

Contact Info:
Delmar Kaiser, Private owner & manager
(785) 938-4416

"Keeping your calves close!"