Grainfield Community Development Committee (GCDC)


The Grainfield Community Development Committee was organized with the intention of expanding community involvement and economic initiatives in Grainfield, Kansas. This enthusiastic committee donates its time to beautifying the town, stimulating local spending, and bringing new families and businesses to the area. 


Who We Are

The GCDC encourages commercial and residential growth in Grainfield and the surrounding area. Its mission is to preserve Grainfield’s history while striving to improve the town and quality of living for each of its citizens. Because of this effort, the GCDC is a part of the Kansas Pride Program. Help this committee make a better tomorrow for Grainfield, Kansas by joining the cause.

We are 15 active members strong!

2021 Cruise, Shoes & BBQs

May 29 & 30, 2021

2021 Cruise, Shoes & BBQs


  • Bake and sell our famous Bierocks and Jalapeno Jelly
  • Host “Hops at the House Brew Fest”
  • Host annual Cruise, Shoes & BBQs
  • Hosted Wine Tastings in conjunction with Harvest Spirit
  • Designed and sold t-shirts
  • Designed and sold Thunderhawk Flags
  • Sponsored a BBQ feed the Saturday after Thanksgiving-2009
  • Worked concession stands at Beougher Field
  • Catered auctions

In the Hopper

  • Build traveling picnic tables to be shared with USD 292, 4H & Summer Rec
  • Organize city wide garage sale
  • Update planter Christmas decorations
  • Look into pickle ball court
  • Sell south lots for new commercial development
  • Update Grainfield pamphlet
  • Child Care

Improvements Made

  • Built planters in front of the American Legion
  • Re-rocked the city park play area
  • Established a take-a-book, leave-a-book program at various businesses around town
  • Purchased a new American Flag for WHS gymnasium which was flown over the U.S. Capital in Washington D.C. on December 7 in honor of our school
  • Designed and built a Welcome to Grainfield sign
  • Purchased a playing piano and donated it to the Long Term Care in nearby community
  • Built a community building to house a fitness center, scout den and GCDC meeting room
  • Purchased and renovated a building into a health/business complex which houses a satellite clinic of BlueStem Medical, Heier Level Salon & Spa and Red Dog Outfitters
  • Created monthly e-newsletter
  • Worked with City Council to build new and improved city park bathrooms/concession stand
  • Created more housing options
  • NRP
  • Relocated the K-State Research and Extension Office in Gove County.
  • Christmas Decorations
  • Created the Lil’ Hawks PRIDE Extended Pre-School & After-School Programs to aid in the shortage of daycare providers. See the brochure for more details.
  • Purchased lots on Main Street to build potential new Library
  • Offer scholarships for our involved youth
  • Post office facelift
  • Partnered with FCCLA, CYO and our amazing youth to build a fenced-in sand volleyball court
  • Encourage local spending
  • Send photos of local happenings to the newspaper
  • Assist in the selling and renting of properties by placing advertisements on
  • Attended a County Commissioners meeting with the purpose of creating better recycling facilities in Grainfield
  • Developed a Welcome Committee to create a Grainfield information list and packet for newcomers to the area
  • Sponsored a town meeting focused on USD 292
  • Created a tax-free contribution fund


  • Maintain planters with flowers in front of the American Legion
  • Provides welcome baskets to new community members and businesses
  • Organizes the local blood drives
  • Supports Wheatland Project Prom by purchasing gift certificates from our local businesses and donating them
  • Financially supports the Extended Preschool/After School Program
  • Pays for Kleenex or milk for elementary school parents
  • Gives gifts to Senior graduates encouraging them to move back to Grainfield after college
  • Charters the local Boy Scouts Troop


2021 to-date

  • Gove County Community Foundation: Update Legion Flower Beds


  • PRIDE CPG: E-Newsletter
  • PRIDE VIP: Wheatland High School Stadium Bleachers
  • Western Cooperative Electric Association: City park new bathroom & concessions building electric
  • Gove County Community Foundation: Non-profit Covid-19 relief
  • Gove County Community Foundation: AV/IT (ZOOM) Equipment
  • Dane G Hansen: AV/IT (ZOOM) Equipment


  • PRIDE COA: Awnings for Health & Business Complex
  • Western Cooperative Electric Association: Business Complex


  • PRIDE COA:  Health Complex Flooring
  • Midwest Energy:  Copier
  • PRIDE VIP: Health Complex
  • Gove County Community Foundation: Health & Business Complex HVAC
  • Western Cooperative Electric Association: Health Complex Electricity
  • Gove County Community Foundation:  Gove County Event Summer Inserts
  • Midwest Energy: Community Building Flooring
  • Gove County Community Foundation: Business Complex Flooring & Exterior
  • Zurich Grant: Health Complex


  • Midwest Energy Grant: Storage Container
  • Zurch Grant: Community Building
  • Gove County Community Foundation: Community Building
  • Dane G. Hansen: Health Complex
  • Spring PIP Grant: Health Complex
  • Gove County Community Foundation: Health Complex
  • Midwest Energy Impact Grant: Health Complex


  • Midwest Energy Impact Grant: Community Building to house Boy Scout/Girl Scouts, GCDC & Fitness Center
  • Fall PIP Grant: Community Building
  • Dane G. Hansen: Community Building
  • Gove County Community Foundation: Community Building
  • Spring PIP Grant: Community sign built


  • Gove County Community Foundation: Community Building
  • Gove County Community Foundation: Land purchase for housing project
  • Midwest Energy Community Fund Grant: Basketball goals for city park
  • Spring PIP Grant: Remodel Main Street Christmas Decorations
  • Appreciation Award from Golden Prairie District
    The district board selects an individual / organization on an annual basis. They look for someone that is a strong supporter of KSRE. It is a small way to say “thank you” and to show our appreciation.
  • 2014-2019 Community of Excellence:
    Grainfield received this honor for ongoing accomplishments in community development.

Before 2015:

  • 2012 Midwest Energy Community Fund Grant: Planters built for American Legion
  • 2011 Get-It Do-It Grant: Enclosed sand volleyball court at city park



The community building on Main Street is available for mobile office or small party rent space. For more information, contact Kay Haffner, email or 785-673-3039. View the Rental Agreement.


PO Box 25, Grainfield KS 67737


if you would like to contribute to the continued improvement of Grainfield, GCDC is a 501c3 and has formed a tax-free contribution fund called the Grainfield Community Development Fund. See more details here.


Additional members to this committee are always welcome.

Contact us if you'd like to donate or join our motivated group!

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