Highlights of Hoxie, Kansas

Hoxie Kansas welcome sign

Welcome to Hoxie!

“Good crops and great families” is the motto in Hoxie, Kansas. Here, the pioneer spirit that founded this farming enclave never died. Closely tied to the community traditions  of  Sheridan County, Kansas, where Hoxie is located, Hoxie is the largest town in the county. Hoxie’s population is around 1,200, hitting a Goldilocks-esque “just right” size for this easy going community.

buffalo in Hoxie Kansas

Hoxie, Kansas – where the buffalo still, literally, roam.

Hoxie is known for working hard, like its entrepreneurs and progressive business district, and playing hard, too. Hoxie’s proximity to Sheridan State Fishing Lake, numerous community festivals and events, parks, and ample recreational opportunities make it easy to kick back.

Sheridan County Fair

The Sheridan County Fair is an annual treat.

The friendly neighborhood vibe and safe, quiet streets entice families to make their home in Hoxie, where kids grow up in the school systems’ outstanding athletic tradition. Opportunities for involvement abound, and even adults get in on the action with Hoxie’s numerous clubs or by helping run the volunteer-operated carnival ride at the Sheridan County Fair. For 1,200 Kansans, Hoxie offers a perfect slice of prairie life. Why don’t you plan a visit and find out why?


A fisherman proudly displays his catch from the waters of the state lake – within easy proximity of Hoxie.

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