Blue Skyways Shutting Down June 30, 2014

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For more than 250 Kansas communities, Blue Skyways has been an online home. The website is a service of the State Library of Kansas and has served as a hub for resources about Kansas communities, heritage, government, and libraries. Now, Blue Skyways is shutting down.

The Blue Skyways web service will end as of June 30, 2014, citing the state of the State Library budget as the primary cause. We received the following announcement and request to spread the word to communities who may have benefitted from Blue Skyways in the past.

“While Skyways has been a highly successful and beneficial service in its day, with the widespread availability today of affordable, functional web hosting options, it is no longer central to our mission.

State Library and our host KU Medical Center’s Internet Development Unit will be working together to develop a plan for notifying account holders, and identifying ways to facilitate migrating sites and content where the owner wishes to do so.”

Questions? Contact:

Jeff Hixon
Statewide Services
State Library of Kansas
300 SW Tenth Ave | Rm 312-N
Topeka KS 66612·1593
785·296·3154  | 800·432·3919
785·368·7291  FAX

We are proud to offer communities an affordable alternative with even more benefits than Blue Skyways. To begin migrating your Blue Skyways website content to a new home on, contact us today.

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