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Love Small Town America is more than a website. It’s a network that I hope can launch a rural revolution. America’s small towns are amazing. Vibrant, resilient, full of spirit. But, I didn’t always appreciate how special that was.

There is no roadmap that shows a path to your dreams, but we’re all looking for a way to a better life. As a little girl growing up on a farm south of Grainfield, Kansas, I dreamed of art. Vast open skies were filled with stars and inspiration. I followed these stars to college, where I turned my love for art into a graphic design degree, and then to jobs in big cities before I finally launched my own business and I began dreaming a new dream; better life for my family.

Nicole Godek with her husband and children.

I wanted my children to have the things I did; safe neighborhoods, friendly neighbors, locally-owned businesses, fresh air.

In my hometown of Grainfield, I found the good life I was looking for, and started thinking about all the people who were looking for the same thing but struggled to find it.

I realized the towns and businesses in small town America could use help sharing how much they have to offer. Across the country, great small-town businesses miss opportunities to draw in customers and towns with desirable real estate and great jobs fail to attract attention; even in this economic climate! This is how Love Small Town America was born. Love Small Town America provides small town communities, businesses, organizations, and others with custom webpages that are both cost-efficient and highly effective. Each page feeds into a nationwide network that runs an engine of support that will fuel small town growth and survival for the future.

Join me as we put small towns back on the map and inspire Americans to find what they’ve been looking for.

-Nicole Godek, CEO of Love Small Town America.

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. My husband and I live in the small town of Hazel, KY. We are a quiet friendly town of 490 people. We have three needs: Infrastructure for storm water, need for a Dollar General or other small general store, and a town library. Do you know of grants available for really small towns?

    • I actually help build and research/write grants for small libraries and educational programming.
      Have you scouted out a building/location?

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