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Vivid background photos, an eye-catching header image, and custom font choices for the page title give LSTA members even more ways to draw in visitors and display their community’s unique personality. proudly introduces exciting new features to add an additional level of personalization and flair to community websites.Community webpages now include an eye-catching header image and premium level members have additional custom options designed to make a bold impression on visitors.

Sheridan County header image

The new community header image is modern and appealing to the eye.

Customized background images and font choices are now available to members at the premium level ($899/year). This feature was added in order to further individualize each community and evoke some of their best qualities within the first few seconds of a visitor’s experience.

Grainfield header image

This example of Grainfield, Kansas’ webpage shows custom background images combined with the custom header image.

“We wanted to add drama to the visitor’s experience,” Nicole Godek, LSTA CEO, explains.

Existing LSTA members have switched to the basic (annual) or deluxe (monthly) background automatically. LSTA community members with a premium (weekly) package will be contacted to select their new background images and font.

Hoxie header

The new basic and deluxe-level header, shown on the Hoxie webpage.

Feedback has been very positive so far.

“Hoxie and Sheridan County were very excited about the opportunity to add more personal flair to their webpages, which was exactly our goal,” says Godek, “Adding more individualism through the use of photos and fonts.”

Premium members also have 5 font options for the header.

“Font styles can add another dimension of personality; a country flair, industrial style, or even a more elegant approach. All of these new additions add to the interest and draw visitors to the LSTA website.”


An example showing one of the alternate font choices for premium-level members.

Keeping the LSTA website fresh and graphically interesting is important to the company. Godek applies her graphic design background to keeping small town websites cutting edge.

“We are inspired by the new trends and want to keep the look of the site fresh and alive. It’s important for designers and business owners to keep up with trends in order to stay up-to-date and avoid having an outdated website. We continually strive to improve the usability and visual impact for our customers and audience.”

All of this is important because good website design drives web traffic.

“Our small towns are competing for attention against the bigger giants who have bigger budgets for website creation. We can create the same impact with fewer dollars.”

Visit to see the new features in action!

To become a member, or to find out more about upgrading your community webpage to the premium level and taking advantage of the new custom features, contact:

Shelley Paasch

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