Double D Family Mat Shop Thrives in Small Town

Double D's Non Slip Mats

Weather-resistant, Non-slip Double D Mats™ can be used inside or outside to provide sure footing and a quiet, firm, but resilient surface for livestock. Each tire tread woven into the mat is secured on both ends and fastened with stainless steel bolts in two places. Source:

Love Small Town America is the online home for some of small town America’s best businesses. We’re giving them a chance to share with the world just what makes them so special. Please welcome this month’s featured business to the Love Small Town America blog: Double D Family Mat Shop, Inc.! 

This year, Double D Family Mat Shop celebrates 17 years in business with a brand new website and branding overhaul that show this time-tested family business is growing and thriving in the 21st century. After nearly twenty years in business, the company has learned a few secrets to success.


The company produces custom-built livestock slip reduction systems. These heavy-duty rubber mats protect livestock and employees from injury and are available in a range of different options, including custom applications for specialized uses. An innovative woven design helps livestock maintain their footing and reduces slipping.

Company History

The family-owned and operated business was founded in 1994 by Dale Goetz when he invented the original Double D Mat. Since then, the company has gone on to develop additional styles of mats for all types of livestock. Hard work and good old-fashioned Midwestern gumption are the keys to the business’s success.

Family Values

That, and a lot of help from the family. Dale’s wife Dena takes orders on the phone, daughter Amber manages administrative duties, and daughters Christin and Amber double-team sales and marketing. The men of the family, brother-in-law Kevin and son Bryce, transport supplies and completed mats between productive facilities. When it comes to the heavy lifting, Dale says, “We have some of the best and hardest working employees in multiple production facilities. I’m really proud of the group of people we’ve been lucky enough to employ.”

Small Town Roots

Double D Family Mat Shop has and prospered in small town America, calling Park, Kansas home. The business – and the family – appreciate the community aspect of small towns where everyone knows each other and gets along. This is one of the reasons Double D Family Mat Shop is proud to supplement their main website with a membership on Love Small Town America. Showing the world why Park is one of the best small towns in America, in their view, is something they are proud to be a part of, says the company.

Double D Mat Shop's Main Website

Double D Mat Shop’s main website allows them to use their branding and maintain a unique URL. Source:

Double D Family Mat Shop, Inc. on Love Small Town America

Double D’s presence on Love Small Town America embeds them right into the virtual representation of their community and offers customers a chance to get to know their business at a glance — and with a special coupon! Source:

Why Love Small Town America?

“Love Small Town America is making a big difference in our community. We’re proud to be from a small town and we’re proud to be a part of the tapestry you’re weaving to show the world how great our small town is,” says Christin. “We love the attention you are bringing to our community. We love the community pride that shines through on [the Love Small Town America] site.”

Learn More

To learn more about Double D Mats or to schedule a measurement visit for your site, visit Double D Family Mat Shop’s website at

Check the website for information on special programs, deals, and the latest news.

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