Small Town, Small Business Saturday

The post-Thanksgiving shopping extravaganza has grown over the years from Black Friday to include Cyber Monday and our favorite, Small Business Saturday! We’re joining other small businesses across the country to encourage you to shop local this Christmas season, starting with small business Saturday and continuing on through your gift-giving list!

Every dollar you spend locally goes further to support your local economy – your neighbors – your way of life. The economic ripple you create by spending even a single dollar locally (instead of at a chain store!) can create up to $15 dollars worth of impact. (Read more about reasons to shop local.)

So when you shop local, you’re doing more than shopping. You’re being a good citizen! A job creator! An architect of America’s future! Are you pumped to spend some money? Alright! Let’s go! We’ve got 8 killer gift ideas to share with you after the jump!

We’ve rounded up a few of our Love Small Town America businesses to share some creative gift ideas that would not only make someone on your list smile – but that would make waves in your community’s economy.

Gift Idea #1: Gift certificates to Main Street Dugout in Grainfield
Don’t live in Grainfield? Buy a gift certificate to your local diner or pub. A $40 dinner could make up to $600 worth of difference in your community – and, your support can make a real difference to the owners.

Gift Idea #2: Spa-quality bath products from Country Sudz
Create a luxurious gift basket (use this one for inspiration!) stocked with artisan-made bath products for the women in your life, or consider using handmade soap or shave lotion as a thoughtful stocking stuffer. Need gifts for the people who make your every day life great? What about creamy lotions and soaps for teachers, hairdressers, and other people you’d like to show your appreciation? E-mail Country Sudz to order – or look for an artisan or craft fair in your area.

Gift Idea #3: Custom vinyl decal from B’s Ultimate Finish in Grainfield
Many local print shops or automotive boutiques now offer custom vinyl decals. Decorate a car window or add some flair to a kid’s room, classroom, or even the ‘man-cave’.

Gift Idea #4: Brisket and pulled pork from Harvest Market 
Rural grocery stores need your support. Find a speciality item to gift or stick with high-quality basics that are always welcome (think European baking chocolate, bottled olives, and other delicacies). Harvest Market Spirit offers beer and wine for additional gift-giving options. What about pairing a bottle of wine with a selection of dark chocolate or a case of beer with all the fixings you need for a great football-watching party? If you don’t have a grocery store nearby, try a restaurant or coffee shop for seasonal food gifts.

Gift Idea #5: Membership to Castle Rock Wellness Center
Whether you spring for the whole year or just a few months, give the gift of health and fitness with a membership to Castle Rock Wellness in Quinter. Individual memberships start at just $15/month and are a great way to help your loved ones meet their fitness goals, control stress, or have fun with the whole family! Look for opportunities to give the gift of physical fitness with certificates to yoga classes or credits for personal training. Swimming lessons or rock climbing classes would be a memorable gift!

Gift Idea #6: Auto parts or car washing supplies from Jack’s
Even if cars aren’t *your* thing, there is a good chance you know someone who loves them or would appreciate a practical gift like an oil change or car wash – on you.

Gift Idea #7: A gift with real power:
A gift certificate to Old 40 Depot to put a dent in paying for a new piece of machinery.

Gift Idea #8: Lasting memories
It can be hard to make time to preserve memories with a growing family. Why not give a special family the gift of a photo session? jTuttle Art and Photography in Grinnell can schedule a photoshoot for a family or couple. A beautiful fine art photograph, mounted and framed, would also make a nice gift, especially one of the landscape that you know and love to share with fellow neighbors!

Whether you gather inspiration from this list or have something else in mind, remember that when your dollar stays in town, it grows.

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