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Sheridan County, KS : Real Estate : Sunrise Addition

Fresh produce, deli items, the best frozen foods, low fat dairy products, and health and beauty products are all available at Joslyn’s Food CenterWill Sunrise Addition be your new home?

With convenient access to Hwy 24 and a location near both Sheridan County Hospital and Hoxie High School, Sunrise Addition is the perfect place for your new home. We offer lots of many sizes, all located on brand new paved streets with wide concrete sidewalks. Utilities are located to the property line, including sewer, water, and electrical. It's the best of country living and city living.

Call Wes Bainter or Scott Foote at 785-675.3297

Development Business Office Location:
844 Main Street
Hoxie, Kansas 67740

Development Location:
East side of Hoxie - south of HWY 24

Lot prices:
Range from $10,000 - $35,000

Contact Info:
Wes Bainter: (785) 675-8695

Scott Foote: (785) 675-9009

View Sunrise Addition Map & Lot PricesView Sunrise Addition Map