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Rural Opportunity Zone Website Scholarships

The Rural Opportunity Zone is an incentive program that demonstrates many Kansas' counties commitment to growth.

The Kansas Department of Commerce and ROZ Webpages: Forging a Path to Success
Part of growth in today's marketplace involves a polished, professional, up-to-date webpage. Many towns or counties lack the time, expertise, or budget to create their own, but that doesn't make a solid web presence any less important. The Kansas Department of Commerce recognizes that fact and has extended the opportunity for Kansas ROZ counties to apply for a scholarship that would provide them with a web presence on Love Small Town America.

Why Love Small Town America?
We were chosen to assist Kansas counties not just because we create the best professional, comprehensive web destinations for small towns but because we are committed to the idea of a network. By joining Love Small Town America you are getting much, much more than a webpage. You are opening a door to your future. You are connecting to a rapidly expanding network of small towns, businesses, real estate listings, and more. The more the network grows, the more people become aware of your county, town, or business. The brighter your future grows. We call it the rural revolution. We are stronger together than alone.

While a traditional website is a one-way street with a limited audience, Love Small Town America community pages reach people from all over the world looking for small towns and are part of a two-way conduit networking people, businesses, and communities.

Love Small Town America: Practical Tools for Success
When you join Love Small Town America, you get a full-featured webpage that is a very practical economic development tool. We offer our members a suite of value-added services overseen by our core group of professionals that make your membership in LSTA so much more than a webpage. From search engine optimization to social media promotion, we have experts on staff working hard to get you the online exposure you need.

The ROZ Scholarship Includes:

  • Eligible communities with a pop. under 5,000. Communities (counties or towns) participating in the ROZ program with a population of 5,000 or fewer are eligible.
  • Package C. Website Scholarships will be for Love Small Town America’s “Package C”: $225 annual fee to include once-a-year updates.

Note: If you would like to have your page updated more frequently, we can upgrade you to a higher package, but the difference would not be covered by the scholarship.

  • Community representation. The county/community webpage will represent the applying community only: additional webpages for community businesses and organizations will be available separately. To grow your web presence, you will want to encourage businesses, schools, and other organizations to enhance your community page. We're on call to arrange a presentation and arm you with marketing materials, like this brochure that shows the benefits of Love Small Town America to businesses. Use the Shared Success incentive program to earn money for recruiting businesses and groups.
  • A full year of service. The scholarship covers your first year of service. We hope you'll choose to kick up your feet and stay a while – but service beyond year 1 is the responsibility of the applying community.
  • All professional services and website maintenance. Just like with all our packages, the website scholarship package covers all the work. We write your content, lay out your page, upload the webpage, and perform all maintenance. All you need to worry about is providing your information on Day 1.
  • Free promotion. All our packages include free promotion. We'll shout the good news that you're part of Love Small Town America from the rooftops. We'll promote you on Facebook, twitter, our blog, and every other chance we get. All just for being a part of Love Small Town America.

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