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Pomona, KS : Job Listings

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The City of Pomona has a current opening for a Public Works Associate. This position's duties include the maintenance of streets, water, and sewer infrastructure. It is also responsible for aiding the Electric Superintendent with electrical projects. The position may be asked to perform other duties as requested and be available after regularly scheduled hours. The applicant must possess a valid DL and the ability to obtain a CDL within 6 mos. of employment. The applicant must also be able to obtain state certification in water/wastewater operations if requested. Pay range of $15-20 per hour commensurate with experience. The City will be accepting applications until the position is filled.

Posted: August 16, 2017
Expires: When filled

Vacant Board Positions
Library Board - 1 open seat

Please Contact City Hall at 785-566-3522 to inquire about this volunteer-based board position.


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