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Park, KS : Businesses : Double D Family Mat Shop, Inc.

Cattle MatWith the environment in mind, Dale and Dena Goetz created a company that recycles used tires. Double D Family Mat Shop, Inc.™ takes used tires and makes mats for both livestock and people. The mats not only provide sure footing for livestock and a quiet surface, they also aid livestock handlers by relieving stress on feet and legs. Mats help keep livestock from slipping when processing, loading, and unloading. With over 15 years of experience the staff at Double D Mats can create a custom Livestock Slip Reduction System™ made of a combination of Double D Mats perfectly fit to your processing area. You can also order standard sizes of the mat that fits your needs. Double D products are weather resistant, easy to clean, and 100% guaranteed.

Tractor Tire Feed Bunks and Tire Silo Covers for Free in Northwest Kansas - read the press release!

Products Provided:

  • Non-Slip Double D Mats™
  • Baler Belt Double D Mats™
  • Carriage Bolt Double D Mats™
  • Solid Rubber Double D Mats™
  • Door Mats

Protective Mats For:

  • Processing Areas
  • Crowd Pens
  • Snakes
  • Scales
  • Walkways
  • Livestock Trailors
  • Hog Pens

"By using Double D Mats, we cut down on cripples. We use them wherever we have a slick spot and/or work areas where cattle could fall. We process about 400,000 head a year. Approximately 150,000 are claves we wean for producers or feedlots. The Double D Mats calm the calves and makes the processing quieter"
- Chad Crocker Capital Land & Livestock, Schwertner, Texas

"We believe Double D Mats are a good device. Their use can cut down on the number of cripples. They are a good economical investment for feed yards. We don’t have a vaccine or treatment for cattle that are injured when they slip and fall. They may recover but they never do as well as they should."
- Dr. Wade Taylor, Oakley Veterinary Services Oakley, Kansas

"I use my mats around cattle guards, water troughs, and in and under squeeze chutes. I feel that your imagination is the only limit for your Double D Mat."
- Bob Erickson Two-W Livestock Equipment, Merced, California

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Our productsDouble D Family Mat Shop, Inc.

8:00 am – 5:00 pm (Monday – Friday)

RR 1 Box 18
6606 E. Road 100 S.
Park, KS 67751

Contact Info:
Dale & Dena Goetz, Owners
Toll Free:
(888) 377-2870
Phone: (785) 673-4326
Dale's Cell Phone: (785) 673-9040
Fax: (785) 673-4331