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Grinnell, KS : Gallery

2012 1 | 2 | 3

Immaculate Conception Cemetery sign - by Ed MenseFlags at Immaculate Conception Cemetery with Grinnell Grain bins in background - by Ed MenseMemorial Day 2012 #2 - by Ed Mense
Memorial Day 2012 - by Ed MenseBlowing bubbles with Karen Mense and Maddie - by Ed MenseGrinnell Middle School Building sign - by Ed Mense
Cow Paddy Sign with Madison - by Ed MensePic from Cow Paddy driveway - by Ed MensePicture at Grinnell Cow Paddy near #9 green - by Ed Mense
Kevin Schoendaler golfing at Cow Paddy Shot - by Ed MenseKevin Schoendaler at Cow Paddy GC - by Ed MenseTom Mense with Madison riding golf cart in Grinnell - by Ed Mense
Maddie at Cow Paddy with Flag at #1 - by Ed Mense#7 Green at Cow Paddy - by Ed MenseMaddie at Cow Paddy...excited! - by Ed Mense
Maddie at Cow Paddy 2 - by Ed MenseMaddie at Cow Paddy - by Ed MensePicture of Angelus - by Ed Mense
Dusk shot just north of railroad tracks in Grinnell - by Ed MenseRailroad tracks next to Grinnell - by Ed MenseDoug Bixenman grain bin 1 mile west of Grinnell - by Ed Mense
Railroad tracks west of Grinnell at dusk - by Ed MenseJust outside Grinnell - by Ed MenseRobin on Melanie Beckman fence - by Ed Mense
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