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Grainfield, KS : Community News

Shop Small Business Saturday in Grainfield!

November 24, 2015

Take part in Small Business Saturday with the following specials November 27 & 28:


The Bank (9am-3pm) – Come check out our C.D. rates and have a free bag of popcorn.

Tail Feather Inn (all day 8am-8pm) – Mention this advertisement and get $15 discount on a room. ($85 down to $70)

Diana’s Hair Boutique (9am-4pm) - $1 off any styling service (haircuts, shampoo & sets, shampoo & blow dry/iron). $1 off any retail product (hair spray, styling gel, crème etc.   Shampoo & conditioner, basically all your styling needs is a dollar off!).   Call for appointment 785.673.4394 or 785.673.6082

Jen’s Beach Body (by appointment call/text 785.673.6019) - FREE Shakeology samples. 25% off Shakeology Boost Bundles. Purchase Shakeology get 21 Day Fix or Cize Program for FREE

Harvest Market (7am-6pm) – No Cents Sale

Harvest Spirit (9am-8pm) – Lord Calvert 1.75L only $19.99

Jack’s Automotive Repair & Towing (8am-6pm) – Anti-freeze & coolant $9.99/gallon. 7 piece gear wrench set $39.99. Super bright pocket light $8.99


Main Street Dugout (11am-9pm) – Receive a Free $10.00 Gift Card when you purchase a $50 Gift Card

Jen’s Beach Body (by appointment call/text 785.673.6019) - FREE Shakeology samples. 25% off Shakeology Boost Bundles. Purchase Shakeology get 21 Day Fix or Cize Program for FREE

Harvest Market (7am–6pm) – No Cents Sale

Harvest Spirit (9am-8pm) – Lord Calvert 1.75L only $19.99

Jack’s Automotive Repair & Towing (8am-5pm) – Anti-freeze & coolant $9.99/gallon. 7 piece gear wrench set $39.99. Super bright pocket light $8.99




Grainfield Project Receives PRIDE Funding

May 18, 2015

MANHATTAN, Kan. – The community of Grainfield, Kansas has been named a Partners in PRIDE Award winner. With the award comes $1,250 in funding to be used for Christmas lighting in the community.

The award was given by the Kansas PRIDE program, a partnership of K-State Research and Extension, the Kansas Department of Commerce, and Kansas PRIDE, Inc.

Through the program, communities identify what they want to preserve, create or improve for the future. Volunteers form a local PRIDE organization that works with K-State Research and Extension and the Kansas Department of Commerce to accomplish its goals.

“Kansas PRIDE is a volunteer-led organization. These awards allow an opportunity to highlight the hard work the volunteers provide for their communities and the state,” said Jaime Menon, extension assistant for community development in the PRIDE program. “Each community has its own unique structure, culture, and assets, and Kansas PRIDE volunteers work to bring out the best in their communities and promote what they have to offer. Through the work of these volunteers, Kansas communities continue to thrive and be a great place to live and raise a family.”

The Partners in PRIDE Grant is a funding opportunity provided by Kansas PRIDE, Inc. as a one-to-one match with communities that can provide funding up to the maximum amount of $2,000 per project for PRIDE Communities that qualify. PIP grant applications are available in two rounds of funding per year. To date nearly $30,000 has been awarded to PRIDE Community projects.

More information about Kansas PRIDE is available at or by calling 785-532-5840 or emailing




Grainfield community development committee (GCDC) receives appreciation award from golden prairie district
March 6, 2015

Kansas State Department of EducationThe K-State Research and Extension Appreciation Award is one that the Golden Prairie District Executive board awarded to GCDC on Monday, March 2.

The district board selects an individual / organization on an annual basis. They look for someone that is a strong supporter of KSRE. It is a small way to say "thank you" and to show our appreciation.

“GCDC was nominated to receive this award a long time before it was an item on the board agenda. Which tells me how much the board has appreciated the hard work and dedication that GCDC has poured into our district learning center project.” -Jen Schoenfeld, Golden Prairie District Extension Agent


Pictured: Bronc Barrows - Golden Prairie District Director, Kay Haffner - GCDC Chair, Janice Manhart & Nicole Godek - GCDC members






Vision of Grainfield - If I were mayor
Kansas PRIDE January 2015 Newsletter
January 12, 2015

Kansas State Department of EducationThe following an essay that was sent to our office in December. It was a wonderful read, especially to know how passionate this youth is concerning his hometown of Grainfield, KS. It goes to show that while youth may be quiet, they are very aware of what is going on around them, and are eager to help make things happen.

"He's a quiet participant, but obviously very observant. I love how PRIDE and change in our community can start at such a young age!" - Nicole Godek, Grainfield PRIDE

If I were mayor of Grainfield, KS I would first fix up Main Street by asking local people to bring their bulldozers, dump trucks, and load-ers to help demolish old abandoned buildings. If this could happen for a cheap price, it would let businesses come into Grainfield. Also, I would fix the bathrooms in the City park.

After tearing down the abandoned buildings in town, put land for sale for businesses to start. This would help our town in many ways, such as bring more jobs into town. This brings more people in town and more kids to school. Then if this would happen we would need more housing. As you can see one thing can lead to many things happening in small towns. To try to pay less for this, I would try to get grants.

Another thing would be buying more lots on the surroundings of Grainfield. If we could do this we could build more housing and expand the town. Expanding the town and getting more families in town is one of the best things because it contributes to everything.

Doing these things would take a lot of work and dedication, but I believe in these things in the near future. Even though our town doesn't have a lot of money, that's why we need volunteers to help communities. If you don't have people like we do your town won't be able to accomplish everything they want.—If I were Mayor, by Kyler Haffner