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Gove County, KS : Community News

From Jodie
Gove County Economic Development Office

What if I told you that you could now have an affordable, brand new home in Gove County even if you think you can’t qualify for one?  What if you have been looking for a “move in ready” home for your growing family or to retire to? Have you settled for a house you didn’t really want or been renting something because there is no opportunity to become a home owner. Employers! You have been telling this office that you need housing for your employees and to be able to expand. ARE YOU READY?

The Economic Development Board met with a strategic group of planners and have an outstanding opportunity for current Gove County residents and for those who would like to come or return to Gove County. We can now make available brand new, wage-appropriate homes to our community and provide creative financing as well.

My office is compiling some basic information as to what kind of growth we can expect in the near future so that we can plan the phases of this project accordingly but I need your help. I am asking that you give me a call, shoot me an email or stop in the office and answer a few short questions. You do not have to give me your name if you do not want to. The questions that will be asked are:

  1. 1. If you could, would you buy a new home in Gove County within the next year? Would you buy within the next 3 to 5 years?
  2. 2. What community do you now live in and where would you like to have your new home? Would you like to live within the city limits or a more rural (an acre, five acres, more?) setting?
  3. 3. How big would you like your home? (How many bedrooms, bath, basement, garage?) Describe your ideal home.
  4. 4. Do you know anyone who has had trouble finding a home? Did they find a home to buy or are they renting?
    5. Do you know of someone looking for a home right now or would like to come to or return to Gove County?

And, if you are an employer would you like the opportunity to provide a home for your employees?

There. Simple, isn’t it? That’s all we need to move to Step 2 in the process. I know how busy everyone is this time of year but it is very important to our community that we are able to provide homes. Since the opening of this office every community in Gove County has shared with me that they see the top priority as housing. Even though it has taken a while, we now have a plan to bring that affordable, wage-appropriate, lifestyle-appropriate housing to Gove County but I need your help so please take that moment and answer these quick questions.

Pretty exciting stuff………move-in ready, available housing for Gove County! ARE YOU READY????

From Jodie
Gove County Economic Development

Your Gove County Economic Development Office and Advisory Board have been busy! What? You didn’t know that you have a group of committed and dedicated citizens who are devoted to making economic development a reality in Gove County? Well, before I tell you what they have been up to let me introduce them…

Adrian Coberly, Ericka Nicholson, Ron Powers, Mitch Gillespie, Duane Vollbracht, Terry Ostmeyer, Roger Ringer, and Colleen Tummons have come together to commit their time and dedication to work towards an exciting future for Gove County, Kansas.

And so it begins! On Monday, July 14th, our County Commissioners expressed their commitment to economic development and a better future for us all. They have agreed to match money raised for an industrial park and business start-up facility. This is exciting news because, in any given week, I receive requests from all over the United States from agencies representing new businesses, looking for facilities to start or expand their operations. Problem!!! We have no buildings, right now, in all of Gove County that even comes close to meeting their needs. Our industrial park project would do just that.

While we are still developing the concept, let me give you a quick rundown on what an industrial park could provide for the County. I think we all agree that, with our closeness to I-70, we are a distributor or manufacturer’s dream for moving the product produced. We hope our industrial park will provide warehouse and manufacturing space, loading dock, truck parking and turn-around area for these businesses.  One of the buildings will be a “business start-up” facility. This building would include a small commercial kitchen for experimenting and developing a food product to sell, computers and software for printing labels, etc. and a packaging area. It might even include a small 3D printer. The project would provide business support and assistance. This would allow someone wanting to start a business to have the equipment he/she needed without putting out the capital right away. The Economic Development Office, County Extension Office and other resources would assist the business get going and, when it is on its feet, move to new, larger facilities for a bigger operation. This gives opportunity to those who may not have the “upfront” cash to put into start-up needs but have a sincere desire to start a small business.

When I met with many of you, I said that there is a saying in the West. “You either eat dust or you make dust!”  We are making dust now, Folks! And we want you to be a part of this exciting project. A location for the park has not yet been decided. All communities are welcome to express their interest to the ED Board regarding where it should be located. Keep in mind, the Board will make the decision, not based on an individual community but on the location best suited for the needs of business as well as the desire of that community to work toward the project. We are all one team in Gove County. Visit with an Economic Development Board member, your County Commissioners or Economic Development Office to be a part of this great project, to give input or to ask any questions. We look forward to talking with you!