What’s So Great About Social Media?

You’ve probably heard a lot about social media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Tumblr, Flickr, YouTube… the list goes on and on – and on! Maybe you even use on or more of these platforms personally. But if you represent a business or organization, it’s imperative you understand what social media means within a professional context and more importantly – what it can do for you. Over the next few months, we’ll be diving into the topic of social media and sharing with you simple explanations, step-by-step instructions, and easy tips to help you decide what to do.

What’s So Great About Social Media?
Social media may seem confusing. Businesses often wonder if they should have a social media strategy or how to “do” social media. We’re going to tell you a secret that may help you understand exactly what social media is and what it means for your business. Social media is a way of communicating. Just like newspapers, telephones, and televisions revolutionized their own societies by creating a new way to share ideas, social media is making waves by helping people talk to each other in a different way. This is the first key to understanding the power of social media and engaging online in a way that positively impacts your bottom line.

The REAL Advantages of Social Media
1.) Real time – share your thoughts instantly. One great example of how to rock this concept is restaurants who share their daily specials. Add an enticing photo taken with your mobile device and time your news so people see it in time for lunch and you’ll have locals banging down the doors. Over time, this can create demand farther and farther away. If you visit Kansas City once a year, but every day see delicious photos and menus from a barbecue restaurant on Facebook – chances are they will earn your business next time you are in town.
2.) Real people – social media feels more real than traditional marketing. This means people are more likely to read and trust what you say – because we care about and trust people more than we do corporations. There are dangers inherent in this, too, and the transparency of social media doesn’t mean you can be sloppy, rude, or inaccurate, but the power of talking with real people behind the businesses and groups you might like to shop at, visit, or join creates buyer loyalty, more sincere engagement, and — more return business if you do it well.

3.) REAL-ly fun – it may feel like work at first, but trust us, social media is an arena where you can really have fun. The lower costs mean you can try new things and be creative. Learning what “works” and gets attention online lets you play mad scientist in the social media world. Take photos, make videos, share funny puns about your products – the sky is your limit! Playing with your social media presence may breathe a creative spark back into your enterprise that you never knew you had lost.

Next month: Picking the Right Social Media Platforms for Your Business

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